One Drug

One Drug

Before even settling into his office, Craig Jackson, newly appointed VP of Operations at Houston based Docking Strategies, America’s last viable corporation in 2052, is sent to Ft. Smith, AR on another troubleshooting assignment. Craig was born there, but hasn’t been back since he was sixteen and isn’t sure how family he hasn’t seen in two decades will react to him.

Adding to his dilemma, Craig is sent to Ft. Smith without a clear picture of what’s wrong. Docking Strategies has been tasked to run what’s left of the American government, now subservient to China over unpayable debt.

Not knowing where he stands or who to trust, Craig must quickly find allies with family and key employees. His first cousin Jeff, and Felicity, a young female security guard are his only backup to investigate rumors of a medical miracle. When Felicity is critically injured, Craig must gamble using the unproven drug with the potential to save her life and the future of the United States from total collapse before the Chinese derail it.

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