The Indian Rock Vampire: Upside Down Heart

Upside Down Heart: The Indian Rock Vampire

Upside Down Heart follows beautiful Michelle Sands and the sisterhood of The Upside Down Heart Society as they continue using the power inherited from the ancient Vampire Glome. Religious and political leaders and the powerful group L’ordre de l’Aigle are determined to possess their power or destroy them. Each member of the growing sisterhood brings her own unique ability to protect herself and the group. Michelle’s financial and political power expands from Oklahoma onto the world stage in the 1960’s including London, Paris and Copenhagen. Upside Down Heart brings the group to New York City on New Year’s Eve 1969 for the beginning of a new decade and the start of a global battle for their survival. Historical events such as the devastating tornado which struck Howe Oklahoma in 1961 and a Presidential visit to the area the same year add to this unusual, character driven twist on the classic Vampire story. Power and how it is used in all levels of society continues throughout this series along with love, greed, death, finance, politics and religion.

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